Bipedsel (ver1.14)

The script to select each part of Biped.

Type macroScript


・Copy the Bipedselector13 folder after developing the zip file under the Script folder.
・Copy icon files (Bipedsel_16i.bmp,Bipedsel_16a.bmp,Bipedsel_24i.bmp,Bipedsel_24a.bmp) under the UI\icons folder.
 (Please overwrite when there is already a folder. )
・MAX starts, and execute BipedSel.mcr in the BipedSelector13 folder.
(if you use CS3 then execute BipedSel3.mcr)
・Drag "Bipedsel" from "Customize -> User Interface -> Toolbar".

Basic usage

- "+bip" button of the PickBiped roll out is pushed.
- Biped that wants to be operated is selected from the list box.
- Parts of Biped are selected by pushing each button of the Select roll out.
 When the button is pushed with Ctrl key, selection is additional.


-Biped roll out
- When each button is pushed, parts are selected.
- An additional selection and a partial non-selection can be done by pushing each button with Ctrl key.
- "ALL" and "ALL2" buttons select the entire Biped.
"ALL2" is not select "footstep", because it comes to be able to use the copy of the key.
- When the mouse cursor is moved on the button, the explanation is displayed.
- "HR" and "HL" are the parts of the ankle when the link of legs is 4.
-Commands roll out
- "Hide" and "Visible" display, and non-display Biped.
- The key making button is usually the same as the specification.
The key is made for all of vertical, the horizontal, and rotation when using it for the route.
- "EaseTo", "EaseFrom", "Tension", and "Continuity" are set in the value in which each value of the key is specified.
All the values of vertical, the horizontal, and rotation change if it uses it for the route.

2002/12/27 v1.0 first edition making
2003/06/16 v1.2 Button addition of 1.2 poems and tails. It corresponds to leg joint 4. I/F correction
2003/07/03 v1.3 Change of 1.3 ponytail button. Size correction of each button
2004/02/04 v1.4 add copy/paste command (cs4 only)
2004/02/05 v1.5 list of biped is expressed to dropdown list.




- This script is made based on "Biped Selector 1.3". When making it public, acknowledgment is obtained Mr. Saku Partamies who is the original writer.